Open on a browser the questionnaire used in the data collection of Brazil's censuses

questionnaire(year = 2010, type = NULL, showProgress = TRUE, cache = TRUE)



Numeric. Year of reference in the format yyyy. Defaults to 2010.


Character. The type of questionnaire used in the survey, whether the "long" one used in the sample component of the census, or the "short" one, which is answered by more households. Options include c("long", "short").


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display download progress bar. The progress bar only reflects only the downloading time, not the time to load the data to memory.


Logical. Whether the function should read the data cached locally, which is much faster. Defaults to TRUE. The first time the user runs the function, censobr will download the file and store it locally so that the file only needs to be download once. If FALSE, the function will download the data again and overwrite the local file.


Opens a .pdf file on the browser



# Open questionnaire on browser
questionnaire(year = 2010, type = 'long', showProgress = FALSE)
#> Downloading data and storing it locally for future use.