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gtfs2gps is an R package that converts public transportation data in GTFS format to GPS-like records in a data.frame/data.table, which can then be used in various applications such as running transport simulations or scenario analyses.

The core function of the package takes a file and interpolates the space-time position of each vehicle in each trip considering the network distance and average speed between stops. The output is a data.table where each row represents the timestamp of each vehicle at a given spatial resolution. The package also has some functions to subset GTFS data in time and space and to convert both representations to simple feature format. More information about the methods used in the package can be found in this preprint.


Please install gtfs2gps package from CRAN to get the stable version.


Please see our vignette:

Credits ipea

The gtfs2gps package is developed by a team at the Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea) with collaboration from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), both from Brazil. You can cite this package as:

  • Pereira, R. H. M., Andrade, P. R., & Vieira, J. P. B. (2022). Exploring the time geography of public transport networks with the gtfs2gps package. Journal of Geographical Systems.