Manage cached files from the censobr package

censobr_cache(list_files = TRUE, delete_file = NULL)



Logical. Whether to print a message with the address of all censobr data sets cached locally. Defaults to TRUE.


String. The file name (basename) of a censobr data set cached locally that should be deleted. Defaults to NULL, so that no file is deleted. If delete_file = "all", then all cached censobr files are deleted.


A message indicating which file exist and/or which ones have been deleted from local cache directory.

See also

Other Cache data: set_censobr_cache_dir()


# list all files cached
censobr_cache(list_files = TRUE)
#> Files currently chached:

# delete particular file
censobr_cache(delete_file = '2010_deaths')
#> The file '2010_deaths' is not cached.
#> Files currently chached: