Set custom directory for caching files from the censobr package. If users want to set a custom cache directory, the function needs to be run again in each new R session.

set_censobr_cache_dir(path = NULL)



String. The path to an existing directory. It defaults to path = NULL, to use the default directory


A message indicating the directory where censobr files are cached.

See also

Other Cache data: censobr_cache()


# Set custom cache directory
tempd <- tempdir()
set_censobr_cache_dir(path = tempd)
#> censobr files will be cached at  /tmp/Rtmp98bOxB

# back to default path
set_censobr_cache_dir(path = NULL)
#> censobr files will be cached at  /home/runner/.cache/R/censobr/data_release_v0.3.0