Returns a vector or data.table of emission factors for buses based on estimates from the Environment Company of Sao Paulo, Brazil (CETESB) 2019. Emission factor estimates are expressed in units 'g/km'.

ef_brazil_cetesb(pollutant, veh_type, model_year, as_list = TRUE)



character. Pollutants "CH4", "CO2", "PM10", "N2O", "NOx", "NO2", "NO", "RCHO", "ETOH" "KML" (Vehicle Kilometers Traveled), "FC" (Fuel Consumption), "gD/KWH" (grams of Diesel per kWh), "gCO2/KWH" (grams of CO2 per per kWh), "CO", "HC" (Total Hydrocarbon), "NMHC" (Non-Methane Hydrocarbon), "FS"(Fuel Sales) and "NH3".


character. Vehicle categories by fuel: "BUS_URBAN_D", "BUS_MICRO_D", "BUS_COACH_D" and "BUS_ARTIC_D".


numeric. Vehicle model year. Supports model_year from 1960 to 2020.


logical. If TRUE (default), the function returns the output in a list format. If FALSE, the output is returned in a data.table format.


data.table. Emission factors in units 'g/km' by model_year.


The new convention for vehicles names are translated from CETESB report:

BUS_URBAN_DUrban Bus Diesel (5perc bio-diesel)
BUS_MICRO_DMicro Urban Bus Diesel (5perc bio-diesel)
BUS_COACH_DCoach (inter-state) Bus Diesel (5perc bio-diesel)
BUS_ARTIC_DArticulated Urban Bus Diesel (5perc bio-diesel)

The percentage varies of biofuels varies by law.

These emission factors are not exactly the same as the report of CETESB.

  1. In this emission factors, there is also NO and NO2 based on split by published in the EMEP/EEA air pollutant emission inventory guidebook.

  2. Also, the emission factors were extended till 50 years of use, repeating the oldest value.

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df <- ef_brazil_cetesb(
          pollutant = c("CO","PM10","CO2","CH4","NOx"),
          veh_type = "BUS_URBAN_D",
          model_year = 2015,
          as_list = TRUE)