Running exhaust emissions factors from EMFAC2017 model. The model generates emission factors (EF) of urban buses in California (United States), considering different pollutants, years of reference, model year, fuel, speed ranges, type of regions, model version, and type of season. Currently, the package supports EFs only for "Statewide" region type, and "Annual" season. Specific data of other regions and seasons can be download at <>.



A data.table with 79198 rows and 8 variables:


Character; Pollutants: CH4(Methane), CO(Carbon Monoxide), CO2(Carbon Dioxide), N2O(Nitrous Oxide), NOx(Oxides of Nitrogen), PM10(Primary Exhaust PM10 - Total), PM25(Primary Exhaust PM2.5 - Total), SOX(Oxides of Sulfur), TOG(Total Organic Gases), ROG (Reactive Organic Gases)


Numeric; Year of reference between 2010 - 2020


character; Type of fuel: 'D' (Diesel),'G' (Gasoline),'CNG' (Compressed Natural Gas).


Model year.


Units; Speed in 'km/h'; Emission factor are returned in speed intervals such as "5-10", "10-15", "15-20", "20-25", "25-30", "30-35", "35-40", "40-45", "45-50" "50-55", "55-60", "60-65", "65-70", "70-75", "75-80", "80-85", "85-90", ">90" mph (miles/h)


The function returns the data in a data.frame format. The R script used to process the raw EMFAC database can be found in the repository <>.

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