Data at scale 1:250,000, using Geodetic reference system "SIRGAS2000" and CRS(4674).

  code_muni = "all",
  year = 2010,
  simplified = TRUE,
  showProgress = TRUE



The 7-digit identification code of a municipality. If code_muni = "all" (Default), the function downloads all municipalities of the country. Alternatively, if a two-digit identification code or a two-letter uppercase abbreviation of a state is passed (e.g. 33 or "RJ"), all municipalities of that state will be downloaded. Municipality identification codes can be consulted with the geobr::lookup_muni() function.


Numeric. Year of the data in YYYY format. Defaults to 2010.


Logic FALSE or TRUE, indicating whether the function should return the data set with 'original' spatial resolution or a data set with 'simplified' geometry. Defaults to TRUE. For spatial analysis and statistics users should set simplified = FALSE. Borders have been simplified by removing vertices of borders using st_simplify{sf} preserving topology with a dTolerance of 100.


Logical. Defaults to TRUE display progress bar.


An "sf" "data.frame" object


# Read specific municipality at a given year
mun <- read_municipality(code_muni = 1200179, year = 2017)

# Read all municipalities of a state at a given year
mun <- read_municipality(code_muni = 33, year = 2010)
mun <- read_municipality(code_muni = "RJ", year = 2010)

# Read all municipalities of the country at a given year
mun <- read_municipality(code_muni = "all", year = 2018)